Airline Transportation

Worldwide Air Freight Services from a Single Source

When a swift delivery is what you are looking for, air freight is the answer. Premium Shipping Expresss  will assist in finding the perfect airfreight solution for your company and your global business. Air freight is the most time-effective mode of transportation and can be implemented not only for the smaller loads but also for the bigger shipments; chartering a complete airplane is even possible. We have connections with a wide range of flights. Our network and options are well represented globally. There are so many routes that most parts of the world can be reached within one week.

Air Freight Cargo shipping

Standard Air Freight Cargo shipping service connects 627 destinations Airport-to-Airport worldwide, providing international transportation solutions for General Dry freight of any size, type or weight in single packages, on pallets or skids, in containers or crates, or for consolidated air cargo shipments.

Global Access to Expand Your Horizons

Gain guaranteed reliability with our door-to-door air freight service to major metropolitan areas around the globe. To combine speed, flexibility, and value, choose our day-definite airport-to-airport services for global coverage within one-to-three or three-to-five days. We offer a full array of value-added service options for convenient and simple air freight shipment processing of palletized or loose shipments. As one of the world’s largest customs brokers, with offices in more than 60 countries around the world, we can even help reduce delays and costs when you choose our customs clearance services.